JNTUH M.Tech|M.Pharmacy MBA|MCA Project Fee & Viva Exam Infromation

Latest JNTU Hyderabad First Update about MBA|MCA and M.Tech|M.Pharmacy Project and Viva Voce Exam Detailed Infomation Given by the Director of Evaluation
In connection with Project Viva-Voce Examinations to be conducted in the academic year– (2013-14) for 2012 batch MBA regular students, and M.Tech/M.Pharm/MCA/MBA eligible supply students, the Principals of all Affiliated colleges offering these courses are hereby informed that the payment of Project viva-voce exam fee is to be done in RTGS / IFSC mode only. The registration details are to be uploaded to the M.Tech, M.Pharm, MBA & MCA project panels registration server by using URL: “registrations1.jntuh.ac.in/projectpanelsdec2014 “. The project viva-voce exams should be conducted as per instructions mentioned below:
JNTUH Project Information

1. The student is permitted to submit Project, only after successful completion of all Theory and Practical courses.

2. The students can submit their Project to the college after completion of the duration of the project work. The last date for submission of projects in their respective colleges is on or before 10.12.2014, for this phase.

3. The college should upload the list of panel, consisting of Three External Examiners (with Designation, Department, Working address and contact details) for a group of 4 or 5 Students with details of i) H.T.No & ii) Project title, to the portal on or before 15-12-2014 for approval. The Fee for Project Viva-Voce Exam to be collected for M.Tech/M.Pharm courses is Rs. 2500/- per student and for MCA/MBA courses is Rs. 1500/- per student. For the M.Tech/M.Pharm courses amount of Rs.2000 per student is to be retained by the college and for MCA/MBA courses Rs. 1000/- per student is to be retained by the college, the remaining amount of Rs.500/- should be paid to the University in the form of RTGS transfer and this RTGS receipt along with printout of uploaded panels should be submitted to ACE(O) on or before 16-12-2014.

4. The Project Evaluation Reports has to be uploaded to the server by using URL: “registrations1.jntuh.ac.in/projectpanelsdec2014 “ on the same day of examination and the signed copy of evaluation report along with the photocopy of the University Proceedings (appointing the external examiners) should be sent to under signed after completion of Viva-Voce Examination.

5. No penalty may be levied to the student if a student submits project within one calendar year after completion of penultimate semester (6 months from the last semester). If the student is unable to submit the project within one calendar year, a penalty of Rs.5000/- will be levied for the first year of late submission,Rs.12000/- will be levied during second year of submission and Rs.18000/- will be levied during third year of submission, to the University. If special permission is granted by the University to a student for submission of project beyond three years limit, a penalty of Rs.10,000 per year additionally will be levied to the student.

6. The students need not submit the P.C application along with Viva-voce grades. The P.C fee has to be paid along with the project viva-voce examination fee (If already paid the P.C fee along with final semester exam fee, need not pay now).
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