JNTU Kakinada B.Tech PT R10|R13 Syllabus Books for All Year

JNTU Kakinada B.Tech Syllabus Book For All Year . Now Download the your Petroleum Technology  {{PT}} Branch Syllabus book for R07|R10|R13 Regulation For All 1st , 2nd ,3rd,4th Year students in this Syllabus you can have all the Fours Year Semester Syllabus with Subject Guided Text Books Names . These Syllabus Book Includes The Following PT Semester Syllabus

JNTUK PT Syllabus Book
So Now Download the JNTUK PT R10|R13 Syllabus Books -JNTUFIRSTONNET
COURSES        R10 Regulation R13 Regulation
Petroleum Technology
PT R10 Syllabus PT R13 Syllabus
These PT Syllabus Book consists of All B.Tech Petroleum Technology  1-1 |1-2|2-1|2-2|3-1|3-2|4-1|4-2 Semester of JNTU Kakinada Syllabus
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