JNTUK MBA Latest 3RD|4TH Semester Academic Calender For 2014-2015 Batch

Latest MBA 3rd Semester and 4th Semester Academic Calender are Released Recently  by the JNTUK University and This Following Academic calender Informs that All the 3rd and 4th Semester Class Information and Exam Information in Advance Be Prepared ALL The Best
Jntuk MBA Academic Calenders
JNTUK MBA III Semester Academic Calender  2014-2015 -JNTUFIRRSTONNET
Commencement of  class work  from 01.09.2014
Mid-I Examinations From 27.10.2014 To 02.11.2014
Mid-II Examinations From 05.01.2015 To 10.01.2015
End Examinations 19.01.2015 To 31.01.2015

JNTUK MBA IV Semester III Semester Academic Calender 2014-2015 -JNTUFIRRSTONNET
Mid-I Examinations From 30.03.2015 To 04.04.2015
Mid-II Examinations From 01.06.2015 To 06.06.2015
End Examinations 15.06.2015 To 27.06.2015
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