JNTUK 1-1 R13|R10 Regular|Supply Revaluation & Recounting Results September 2014

JNTUK 1-1 Recounting and Revaluation Results See As Jntuk 1-1 Supply Exams Notification has Already Released But Still Students are Waiting for the Recounting and Revaluation Results .So All B.Tech Students who are Waiting for the  jntuk 1-1 R10 Recounting and Revaluation Supply  results and jntuk 1-1 R13 Recounting and and Revaluation Regular  Results are Released -Jntufirstonnet

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 [R10,R13] Recounting|Revaluation Regular|Supply Exam Results Sep 2014
JNTUK B.Tech 1-1{R13}Revaluation Regular Results September 2014
JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 {R10}  Revaluation Supply Results  September 2014
                   *****Results are Released ****JNTUFIRSTONNET*****03-01-2015
1-1 Recounting  The Results are Released Students please Check your 1-1 Recounting Results from your Principles {You can Check your Results in your College Department Notice board}
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